World’s best wax

The World's Best Wax?


It takes some gumption to advertise your product as the “best”. But a small Canadian company has gone further than that, endowing not only their wax, but the entire company with that moniker. Toronto-based World’s Best Wax Company has a number of car care products that it feels can be compared to the best anyone has to offer globally. I’ve tried two of them and as an avid car detailer can attest that I’ve not run across anything better. Company President Frank Duarte set out on a mission several years ago to develop a line of products that rely on environmentally-friendly natural ingredients rather than synthetics. He figured true enthusiasts, the type who like to personally spend hours caring for their ride, would be willing to pay a premium for hand-crafted products that produced show-quality shine. World’s Best Wax is far from cheap, but the results are as claimed. All Frank’s waxes contain above-average amounts of pure Brazilian white carnuba wax and no silicone. World’s Best Wax is available in Connoisseur (46% carnuba) and Collector series (36%). I tried the former on white, copper-color and dark green paint in comparison with two of the more widely-advertised cleaner waxes and a well-known European glaze product on side-by-side panels. The World’s Best wax produced a deeper and more transparent shine, especially on the darker colors. An added bonus is that since it contains no silicone or chemicals it does not leave that nasty white deposit on dark plastic or vinyl trim pieces. Since it contains no abrasive cleaners it is important to ensure a clean surface devoid of previous waxes etc. I used World’s Best Wax Surface Cleanse as a prep step and found it both easy to use and effective. Also because it is not a cleaner wax additional coats can be applied one atop the other for an even deeper shine. World Best Wax products come in containers that would be just at home on the dresser as in the garage, but as is always the case, quality costs – a six-ounce container of Connoisseur will set you back $100 at retail but you can save $25 via the company’s web site. The Collector formula is $80 retail and $65 on the site. Each contains enough product for as many as 35 applications depending on vehicle size. A three-ounce container of Surface Cleanse is $24 ($20 on the net). Check out the complete line of Frank’s car-care products at or call 1-866-815-2608.

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