Workbench for tight spaces

Space tight? This workbench folds down against the wall


Is your garage a little too crowded for a good-sized workbench? Fear not. All you need is as sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, three or four strong hinges and a couple of eight-foot 2x6s. Cut the plywood lengthwise into 34 and 14-inch wide lengths. Secure the 14-inch length securely to the wall with the top 34-inches from the floor – preferably unto studs behind the sheetrock or other surface. Use the hinges to fasten the 34-inch wide length to the 14-inch piece with on the wall. Cut the 2×6 into three 34-inch long pieces which can be used as legs when the surface is in place and stored on top when it is down.

In the upright position, atop a trio of 2×6 legs. They can be stored atop the unit when folded down against the wall.


Presto – you have a sturdy 34-inch deep, eight-foot long work area when needed. You can cover it with a coat of paint to make it easier to keep clean, mount a work light overhead and use a heavy-duty extension cord for power if an outlet is not nearby.

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