Volvo and safety have become synonymous

Volvo safety
Volvo Whiplash Protection System is typical of the company's innovative safety systems
Volvo safety
Volvo’s safety has always been, and remains an industry standard.

Volvo and safety have become synonymous. Geely recognized the wisdom of combining Chinese manufacturing prowess with Swedish design. It let Volvo engineers and designers do what they did best. The result has been astounding success for Volvo, and Geely.

Volvo operates in a country where traffic safety is a fixation. The government encourages car companies in this respect. Investigators and scientists can conduct extensive crash investigations, on site. They are protected from being forced to testify to their findings in court. If they uncover an issue, they can report on, and address it.

How Volvo established its reputation, as it appears in the Halifax Herald and other Saltwire Network newspapers.

Watch what you wear while driving

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