Stanley socket set

Stanley socket set a great bargain if you watch for sales.


Considerable savings to be had if you keep your eyes open.

Saw this ad in a Canadian Tire flyer today and it reminded me what great luck I have had with these tools. The Stanley “Professional Black Chrome Socket Set” has been my go-to set of sockets for years. They are rugged, top quality and extremely well marked. They are also arrayed so you can identify and grab the right one immediately instead of scrabbling around in a tool box or drawer. The laser-etched socket have easy-to-read markings and use what Stanley calls “MaxDrive” technology, which is designed to provide a better grip and handle more torque. Similarly the wrenches have longer handles and thick shanks for the same purpose. The ratchets are a low-profile design, which is useful in tight quarters and a 60-tooth gear system. Sets come with a two-piece case so the back can be used as a drawer tray.

They carry a lifetime warranty. Stanley has been around for a while so the warranty carries some weight. Lesser outfits may sell a product at an attractive price, but when things go wrong and you are looking for warranty, they have fled the scene.


The flyer says the normal retail price of the 229-piece set is $480 – but you will likely never see them at that price. Canadian Tire features these sets regularly so keep your eyes open. At $109 this is a screaming bargain.   

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