2019 Ram 1500 review – sophistication

2019 Ram 1500
The 2019 Ram 1500 is a Canadian-only trim level.
The interior is worthy of a luxury car

It comes as no surprise that pickup truck sales continue to grow — up more than 13 per cent last year.

These big rigs have morphed from beast of burden to urban chariot. You are as likely to see a spotless example parked in front of an upscale boutique as a working unit at a construction site.

Pickups loaded with features that used to be the exclusive domain of luxury cars, and prices topping $75,000, are as common as folks with an opinion of the current U.S. president.

The $77,000 Ram reported on here is a perfect example of how sophisticated the pickup has become. The 2019 Ram 1500 Sport is bigger, more fuel efficient, loaded with technology and far quieter than its predecessor. It is also capable of towing and carrying more.

The Sport lies in the middle of the seven trim levels.

It carries a base price of $60,300 before freight. The test unit was crammed with $15,000 in options — the list so extensive it would make good bedtime reading.

The 2019 Ram rests on a stronger frame and rides on wheelbase that has been extended by 10 cm. Despite the extra size, overall weight has been reduced by more than 100 kilos, thanks to extensive use of aluminum.

That extra length has been utilized entirely for the crew cab with most going to the rear seat area where legroom is up 7.5 cm. There is more room back there for three big folks than in anything this side of a stretch limo. It is no wonder pickups like this have become so popular with families.

Nearly everything you see on the 2019 Ram is new.

The front fascia is new; narrow LED headlights flank the grill — different for each trim level. There is a big bulge in the hood. The rear end features new LED taillights and a taller box, in the interest or aerodynamics.

That attention to how the truck plows through the air, combined with extensive insulation, results in an extremely quiet ride, 36 per cent quieter than the old model.

click here for the full review as it appeared in the Halifax Herald and other Saltwire Network papers https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/wheels/first-drive-all-new-2019-ram-1500-improves-in-all-the-right-areas-250540/

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