Porsche tops service study

Buick best of the rest

Porsche service rated best in the industry
Buick dealers offer best service among mainstream brands

Porsche owners love not only their vehicle, but their dealer. A few weeks ago J D Power declared Porsche the most reliable vehicle on the road following its 30th annual Vehicle Dependability Study. Now comes word that Porsche ranked highest among all manufacturers in customer satisfaction with dealer service.

J D Power’s latest Customer Service Index (CSI) Study put Porsche atop luxury brands. Buick dealers came out on top of mainstream brands. It marks the third consecutive year Buick dealers have earned that award.

Power says the CSI ratings are based on dealer service at franchised dealerships and independent service stores during the first three years of new-vehicle ownership. “Scores are assigned and weighted, based on service quality (27 percent); service initiation (20 percent); service adviser (20 percent); service facility (17 percent); and vehicle pickup (16 percent),” the company says.

More than 57,000 customers surveyed

J D Power surveyed more than 57,000 customers from October through December 2018 for the study.

Among luxury brands Porsche’s score was  893 on a 1,000-point scale. Lexus was second with a score of 881, followed by Cadillac at 880. Infiniti gained a podium finish with 878 points and Mercedes-Benz was next at 870. Acura enjoyed the biggest increase over the previous year, rising 21 points to 866. At the other extreme, Land Rover’s satisfaction score dropped 31 points to 781, leaving it in last place, 81 points below the luxury brand average of 862.


Brand              Score

Porsche           893

Lexus               881

Cadillac           880

Infiniti             878

Mercedes        870

Acura               866

Lincoln            865

Average           862

Audi                 857

BMW               847

Volvo               840

Jaguar             825

Land Rover      781

Buick tops among mainstream brands

Buick earned top spot among mainstream or mass- market brands with a score of 857. MINI was the runner-up at 853 while Mitsubishi jumped 27 points from below average last year to capture third place with 846 points. Chevrolet was fourth with 845 and GMC and Toyota, tied for fifty at 840.

All five FCA brands, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Fiat, finished last, even though their scores increased from lasat year.

Brand              Score

Buick               857

Mini                 853

Mitsubishi       846

Chevrolet        845

GMC                840

Toyota             840

Nissan             832

VW                  831

Subaru             829

Average           827

Kia                   825

Hyundai           818

Honda             815

Ford                 814

Mazda             811

Chrysler           805

Dodge             804

Jeep                 803

Ram                 783

Fiat                  743

Power reports customers with a fully-digitized service experience rated their dealers 75 points higher than those with a traditional analogue experience. “Customers increasingly prefer to schedule service through the Internet and communicate with dealers via text messages, rather than phone,” the company said


Lexus most reliable


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