Mercedes E400 coupe review

Mercedes E400 coupe
Mercedes E400 coupe - it's all about proportions


Mercedes E400 coupeThe Mercedes E400 coupe wears the E-Class name, but shares little with its four-door sibling. 

Mercedes has four two-door coupes on offer (C Coupe, E Coupe, S Coupe and GT Coupe), ranging in price from $48,300 GLC to $152,000.

To these eyes, the E-Class is the best of the bunch, visually.

Mercedes E400 coupe – gorgeous from grill to taillights

It’s all about proportions. From the low roofline, long wheelbase and wheels way out at the edges, to the three-dimensional grill and taillights that wrap around the smooth flanks, the lines blend seamlessly into one complete and gorgeous unit.

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Mercedes E400 coupe
The Mercedes E400 coupe comes with a twin-turbo V6 that sends up to 329-horsepower to all four wheels via a nine-speed transmission.

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