How to clean your car without a bucket, sponge and lots of water

wipe away the dirt

There are 12 wipes in this package, enough to do an entire vehicle or the front of 12 of them.


All who know me, are aware of my obsession with keeping vehicles clean. My wife complains that I try to restrict her from driving in the wet or on gravel roads. It should come as no surprise that I have been averse to any “instant” method of cleaning or waxing a vehicle.


Until now.

I just tried a product from ArmorAll called Wash Wipes – and they work!

Buggy bumper before
buggy bumper after

Obviously I am not prepared to subject a truly dirty, painted surface to a casual wipe with a damp cloth. I shudder at the prospect of grinding dirt into the surface and creating all those tiny little (and perhaps not-so-little scratches.) I did however grit my teeth and used the ArmorAll Wash Wipes on my garden tractor, which for me was filthy (it had a layer of dust atop the waxed red paint.). The fact I have known, trusted and used ArmorAll products for years helped with the decision to give them a try.


Voila – a super clean surface and no signs of scratches or other paint damage.

grease under hood before
no grease under hood after

Emboldened by this experience I used the Wash Wipes on two vehicles in my driveway – an older pickup with bright red paint and a 2017 German luxury convertible with a matte gray finish. Both had expired bugs heavily embedded in the front bumpers. With very little effort, the ArmorAll Wash Wipes got rid of the bugs and their residue and left a sparkling finish.


I cannot recommend using these to clean an entire vehicle, because of the cost involved, I can recommend them for touch-ups such as might be necessary after a drive where you have done your best to lower the fly or bug population. A quick wipe with a single one of these little towels would be sufficient to clean the front of most vehicles before the acidic remains of those little critters harms the paint.

dirty on rocker panel before

clean rocker panel

A package will easily fit in a glovebox, door pocket or center console making it possible to carry a cleanup with you. The package takes up much less space than a bucket, sponge and hose.


The ArmorAll Wash Wipes come in a package of 12. Each soft wipe measures about 25 x 36-cm. and is pretty tough, not easily ripped or torn on sharp edges. The package is easy to open and more importantly, reseals tightly to keep the remaining towels moist. l recommend you use them in a shady area. They are available at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Hardware and Kent Building Supplies for $12.99.  

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