Here is an easy way to put a fresh shine on your ride.

A simple and effective way to touch up the finish of your vehicle.
A clear, smooth finish after a simple wipe with an ArmorAll WashWIpe.

A few weeks ago I told you about ArmorAll Wash Wipes, an effective and simple way to clean the paint on a vehicle. The second step in that process is usually to apply a coat of wax to protect that clean surface.


ArmorAll has a product for that purpose as well – Wax Wipes.


I suggested that the WashWipes not be used on a realty dirty surface, due to the likelihood of scratching the paint. They work very well on a dusty or rain-spotted surface and are perfect for touch-ups after a drive or when you just want to restore a shine.

Similarly, the ArmorAll Wax WIpes are not a substitute for a serious wax job, which involves a clay bar, cleaner, wax and lots of elbow grease and/or a power applicator/buffer. But they are really good at touch ups.


The WashWipes do not contain any cleaners or abrasives so will not remove current wax. The so however provide a light, clear coat on top of the surface. Obviously the cleaner that surface is when you use the WashWipes, the better the results will be.


The beauty is in their ease of use, packaging and portability. There are 12 wipes in each resealable package – much like a large, thick package of tissues. The package will easily fit in a glove box or console. Each wipe unfolds to a big 25 x 38-cm pre-treated and disposable cloth. One will easily do the front end of a normal size vehicle.


I tested them on a 10 year-old compact pickup. The paint is in good condition and covered with a coat of wax., I used the WashWipes to remove a layer of dust and pollen and then the WaxWipes. One unexpected bonus was the ease of getting into crack and crevices with the wipes. The result was very pleasant. The WaxWipes are a one-step product, simply wipe on. While there is no need to wipe or polish with a second material, I went to use a soft cloth for a final polish. It would not rest on the newly-waxed hood, sliding off when I let go. Obviously the surface was smooth!


The following morning I noticed a fresh layer of pollen on the truck. It blew/wiped off with surprising ease. A few days later, a rain shower showed the beading expected of a wax job.

Rain, rain go away.

I did not test them on a dull, weathered finish and cannot speak to their restorative qualities. But I have no problem recommending ArmorAll WashWipes and WaxWipes as a simple and convenient way of touching up the finish on any vehicle.


A package or 12 ArmorAll WaxWipes is available at Canadian Tire, Walmart and Kent home building stores for $12.99.

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