Crowded roads, driver distraction key issues

traffic safety
Crowded roads one of the biggest safety concerrns.

Crowded roads and driver distraction are the two biggest challenges facing the international traffic safety community. When the two issues converge, the significance is magnified.

The number of vehicles in North America is staggering. There are more vehicles registered than there are people. There are nearly three vehicles for every citizen in the U.S..

Today’s motor vehicles are built to much higher standards than at any time in history. They last and run longer. This is a major contributor to the huge numbers.High school parking lots of today are larger than shopping mall lots of 25 years ago.

The second major worry for traffic safety folks is driver distraction. More people spending more time in more vehicles is a problem from a traffic point. The fact many of them are multi-tasking at the wheel, means many are only occasionally paying attention to the task of driving.

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