Clear vehicle before getting underway

winter tough on vehicles
The lights are barely visible to following drivers.

The recent rash of vehicle-pedestrian incidents highlights the need to properly clear a vehicle of ice and snow.

All too often we notice drivers who can barely see out the windshield, because they have not taken the time to clear it completely.

Many drivers simply rely on the windshield wipers to clear a space if it’s light snow. These same drivers are likely to make only a rudimentary attempt to scrape the ice off the entire windshield, often just clearing a small spot to see through.

In the rush to get out of the cold and underway, drivers have not considered the consequences.

They may clear a patch of the windshield sufficient to see straight ahead, but leave both sides iced over. The safe operation of a vehicle depends on being able to see the environment around you. In order to survive today’s road transportation system, you have to look well ahead, providing enough time and thus distance to take action.

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