Restore trim
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Restore trim

September 12, 2019 Richard 0

Hurricane Dorian caused considerable damage, not only to property, but to the plastic finish on my well-maintained, low-mileage pickup. The day after the storm was clear and warm. I grabbed the keys to the truck, […]

winter tough on vehicles
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Winter puts a strain on your vehicle

March 4, 2019 Richard 0

Vehicles are not particularly fond of winter. The older they get, the deeper that dislike for the bitter cold. Being prepared could make the difference between a few unpleasant minutes of exposure, and a dangerous […]

oil change
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Are you changing your oil too often?

April 18, 2017 Richard 0

Don’t hurry to change your oil Chemistry and technology have made huge advanced over the past couple of decades. This is especially true for engines. Manufacturing tolerances, and emission regulations are both tighter. Engines have […]

Better Driver

10 tips for safe driving

April 16, 2017 Richard 0

10 tips for safe driving 1 – Expect the unexpected Processing all the visual information around us on the road and prioritizing it, is the answer to safe driving. We must be able to ask […]

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10 cleaning tips

April 12, 2017 Richard 0

Tips for 10 of the most difficult detailing or cleaning issues. Everybody who takes time to clean their vehicle on occasion has some favourite issues. If you’re a regular detail kind of person you know […]

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How to paint a garage floor

April 8, 2017 Richard 0

One of the easiest ways to make your favourite set of wheels look better, is to park it on a bright, shiny, clean garage floor. But before you rush off to your the paint store […]