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How good are your headlights

June 15, 2017 Richard 0

It has been my great pleasure, and job, to drive hundreds of new vehicles every year for more than three decades. I have watched as manufacturers embraced new technologies. They have not only coped with […]

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Pets and airbags do not mix

April 3, 2017 Richard 0

Every time I see someone driving down the road with a pet in their lap, I cringe. Obviously these people have no idea of the catastrophic results of an airbag deployment. The dog they so […]

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Where the rubber meets the road

March 25, 2017 Richard 0

Wheeled vehicles get their grip or traction from where the tires touch the road. Whether there are two, four or 18 wheels, the available grip is determined by those points, or contact patches, as they […]

headlight regs dated

Safe design

March 8, 2017 Richard 0

Safety has always been a factor in vehicle design. It took on a more critical role in the seventies, with regulations calling for the first 5 mph (8 km/h) bumpers. Remember those beauties? That protruded […]