Restore trim
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Restore trim

September 12, 2019 Richard 0

Hurricane Dorian caused considerable damage, not only to property, but to the plastic finish on my well-maintained, low-mileage pickup. The day after the storm was clear and warm. I grabbed the keys to the truck, […]

Armor All
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Armor All gift pack a good starter kit

July 20, 2018 Richard 0

$29.99 Armor All gift pack If you know someone who has just purchased or otherwise obtained a vehicle for the first time, here’s a neat “welcome to car ownership” gift suggestion. Armor All has packaged […]

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Father’s Day gift idea

June 6, 2018 Richard 0

Looking for something for Father’s Day that won’t bankrupt you? How about an AutoGlym sample kit. For only $6.29 at Canadian Tire, you can gift wrap a small package that will help dad clean and […]

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Porsche school a gift idea

May 26, 2017 Richard 0

It may be too late for Mother’s Day, but here is a suggestion for Father’s Day — the new Porsche Sport Driving School.   Admittedly, at $2,495 it is not for everyone, but if you […]

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Stanley socket set

April 21, 2017 Richard 0

  Saw this ad in a Canadian Tire flyer today and it reminded me what great luck I have had with these tools. The Stanley “Professional Black Chrome Socket Set” has been my go-to set […]

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World’s best wax

March 8, 2017 Richard 0

  It takes some gumption to advertise your product as the “best”. A small Canadian company endowed not only its wax, but the entire company with that moniker. Toronto-based World’s Best Wax Company has a […]