traffic safety
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Crowded roads, driver distraction key issues

April 3, 2019 Richard 0

Crowded roads and driver distraction are the two biggest challenges facing the international traffic safety community. When the two issues converge, the significance is magnified. The number of vehicles in North America is staggering. There […]

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Watch what you wear while driving

March 14, 2019 Richard 0

What do belts, boots and recycling have in common? Your first guess may have something to do with getting rid of old clothing. The answer we were looking for is winter driving and what you […]

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Dealing with slush and ruts

February 28, 2019 Richard 0

One of the tricky tasks facing drivers in winter occurs when we try to get out of the ruts or trails left by preceding vehicles. This often involves thick, heavy and wet slush. Getting safely […]

winter tires
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You need four winter tires

February 20, 2019 Richard 0

Dealers are not trying to rip you off. The modern generation of winter tires are most effective when installed in sets of four. Read why here as it appeared in the Halifax Herald and other […]

Kia Sorento
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SUVs get in trouble faster

February 18, 2019 Richard 0

SUVs are classified as a truck. It is wise to keep that in mind when driving one in winter conditions.┬áSport Utility Vehicles, or Crossovers as they are known, have taken over the market. As a […]

traffic safety
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How to negotiate intersections

February 4, 2019 Richard 0

Intersections can be the most dangerous locations on any roadway. More collisions occur at intersections than at any other location.┬áMore cyclists and pedestrians are killed or injured at intersections than at any other point on […]

winter tough on vehicles
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Clear vehicle before getting underway

February 2, 2019 Richard 0

The recent rash of vehicle-pedestrian incidents highlights the need to properly clear a vehicle of ice and snow. All too often we notice drivers who can barely see out the windshield, because they have not […]

proper seating position
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How to sit in a car

January 27, 2019 Richard 0

Very few drivers realize the role a proper seating position plays in the safe operating of a motor vehicle. The relationship to the airbag, and controls is critical. Visibility and the ability to remain in […]

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How mature drivers can reduce risk.

January 23, 2019 Richard 0

During the past 35 years, the number of Canadian drivers over the age of 70 has exceeded the growth rate of the population by a factor of three. Those over 65 represent the fastest growing […]