2019 Cadillac XT4 review

Cadillac XT4
The exterior style is clearly from the Cadillac design studio, especially from the front.
Cadillac XT4
The XT4 is among the larger compact crossovers.

Cadillac is in the midst of a comeback attempt. It has replaced the head of the brand, moved its headquarters back to Detroit, is closing five plants and discontinued the CT6. It is struggling with a rapidly-changing marketplace that is no longer interested in cars, the very foundation of the Cadillac brand.

Amidst all that bad news emerges a bright light — the 2019 Cadillac XT4. The newest Cadillac joins the XT5, the big, old Escalade and the newly arrived XT6. The compact XT4 is the leading edge of a move by Cadillac to reduce its dependence on cars and strengthen its utility vehicle line.

Small crossovers are the hot ticket in the current market and the XT4 checks all the right boxes. For starters, it is a pure Cadillac. In previous forays into new segments, Cadillac has relied on re-badging and tweaking vehicles from other GM brands. The XT4 is all Cadillac, starting with a new and unique-to-Cadillac platform.

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Cadillac XT4
The dash contains two large round dials for engine, and road speed flanking a driver-adjustable screen. Another, for the infotainment system is nicely integrated into the centre of the instrument panel.


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