Your body clock is plotting against you

circadian rhythm

circadian rhythm
Our "body clock" regulates sleep and wake cycles, body temperature and blood pressure.

Most drivers are not aware that an internal mechanism is secretly plotting to create problems. The problem is our circadian rhythm, a pattern of activity that occurs on a 24-hour cycle within virtually every living creature. This “body clock” regulates sleep and wake cycles, body temperature, blood pressure, in addition to the release of various hormones. Each day we experience profound changes in both mental and physical condition as our body, and brain alternate between periods of rest and activity.

Think of your circadian rhythm as a pattern of peaks and valleys. At maximum amplitude we are most alert and at the peak of our functionality. At the other extreme, we are least alert and can hardly function. During these lows we can easily become drowsy or fall asleep. For most of us, the low points occur somewhere between two and four am, and 2-4 p.m. The latter is the problem. If you are behind the wheel at that time, there is a strong possibility, baring any outside influence, you can nod off, or that your concentration will lapse dangerously.

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