AutoGlym Magma tough to find – but worth it.

AutoGlym Magma may be hard to find, but the results show it works.
Who knew you had iron particles on your vehicle? Spray Magma on, wait, wash off and you’ve gotten rid of those nasty particles.

I ran across AutoGlym Magma by accident. I ran across a post by a friend on the west coast, bragging about its effectiveness. Due to my obsessive desire to try vehicle-cleaning products, I headed to my local Canadian Tire store. No luck. I tried another, as well as Wal Mart and a couple of auto supply shops. I could not find it anywhere.

I contacted my friend, who in turn got in touch with the AutoGlym rep on that coast. He kindly sent me a couple of bottles along with word that it was not widely available, but that some Canadian Tire stores did stock it.

The whole idea behind Magma is that it uses “Colour Transform Technology” – their words, not mine – to react with iron particles on a vehicle’s bodywork and wheels. The active ingredients in Magma turn red as they react with these iron particles, to “safely loosen them from the surface to be easily rinsed away, ” says AutoGlym.

I had been attracted to the product by the photos of my friends wheels – coated in a purple film.

I tried Magma on a couple of new vehicles, three of them, in fact. Nothing. All I got was a powdery white/grey coating. The before-and-after results were the same. So much for that stuff, I thought, and put the bottle on the shelf.

AutoGlym Magma works best on older vehicles 

Then the other day, when cleaning an older vehicle, I thought I’d give it another try. Voila, purple, lots of purple! I am no chemist, but it seems as though Magma’s attraction to iron works best on older vehicles with brake pads that contain more iron than the environmentally-responsible new ones.

Magma attracts iron particle, turning red/purple when it finds them.
Wash it off and the results are clear.

I can certainly attest to the fact it works! The instructions call for you to wash the vehicle first, apply Magma to cool surfaces out of the sunlight, wait a few minutes for it to work, agitate the bodywork with a soft damp sponge or wash mitt and the wheels with a brush or sponge. Then rinse liberally with a hose. I didn’t even have to loosen the stuff, I merely sprayed the wheels with the hose.

The results speak for themselves.

AutoGlym says Magma is PH-balanced and won’t damage wheels or remove wax. It says you can use it as often as you like and if you see no visible reaction, “that would suggest you do not have an iron contamination on your paintwork.”

A wide variety of AutoGlym products are available in 40 countries, and at Canadian Tire Stores throughout Canada. I am using the their Bumper & Trim Gel, having found it to be more effective than more well-known products.

This gel is more effective than other products I have tried.

In case you have not heard about AutoGlym, it is an interesting story. It began in England in 1965, and expanded to Europe, starting in 1978. In 1991, AutGlym earned the “Royal Warrants of Appointment to HRH The Queen Mother and Prince of Wales”. A third Royal Warrant of Appointment followed in 2004, this time to the Queen.

If it good enough for the Queen, it is good enough for my

I figure if it is good enough for the Queen, it is good enough for me. I have already suggested my local CTC store stock it.


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