Honda least dependent on fleet sales

Charger, 300 & Taurus most popular

Fleet sales
More than 80% of Dodge Charger sales are to fleets.
The Ford Taurus is popular with fleets, more than 80% of them go there.

There was an interesting little missive in my mailbox the other day. “Honda remains the least fleet-oriented brand in 2016,” DesRosiers Automotive Consultants reported. At the other end of the sales spectrum more than 80% of Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and Ford Taurus sales went to fleets.

DesRosiers reports that more than half of all large SUV’s go to fleets and light trucks remain more popular than cars, a mirror image of what is taking place in the consumer side of the market.

Honda is least dependent on fleet sales of all car companies in Canada.

After studying data provided by iHS Automotive, DesRosiers figures about one fifth of all new vehicles registered in Canada in 2016 were by fleets. The data shows that after Honda, Mazda and Tesla were least dependent on fleet sales at 7.2% and 7.4% respectively. The three manufacturers were the only ones with less than 10% of registrations going to fleets.

The Ford F150 was the most popular light truck among fleets with 20% of total registrations going to fleets. The Hyundai Elantra held that position among cars at 14%.

Fleets can be described as entities that buy vehicles in volume. They range from rental companies like Hertz or Enterprise to public entities like telephone and power companies, governments and external companies that lease vehicles on behalf of manufacturers or dealers.

The industry publication, Canadian Automotive Fleet, using figures from 2015 registrations, reports rental fleets accounted for 69% of registrations followed by corporate and commercial fleets with 27% with governments accounting for the rest.

GM was the largest player in the fleet market at 18.7% of the total followed by Ford, 12.9%; Hyundai, 12.7%; Toyota 11.7% and FCA at 10.6%. Compacts, followed very closely by intermediate cars were the most popular in that area while large pickups dominated the light truck market.

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