2019 Lexus ES350

2019 Lexus ES350 review

February 22, 2019 Richard 0

The Lexus ES has been around for almost 30 years. Ot was getting long in the tooth. The last major major change occurred in 2013 model. Lexus has given the ES350 a major makeover for […]

winter tires
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You need four winter tires

February 20, 2019 Richard 0

Dealers are not trying to rip you off. The modern generation of winter tires are most effective when installed in sets of four. Read why here as it appeared in the Halifax Herald and other […]

Kia Sorento
Better Driver

SUVs get in trouble faster

February 18, 2019 Richard 0

SUVs are classified as a truck. It is wise to keep that in mind when driving one in winter conditions. Sport Utility Vehicles, or Crossovers as they are known, have taken over the market. As a […]

Mazda MX-5

2019 Mazda MX-5 GT review

February 15, 2019 Richard 0

There is something special about a sports car. Not a sporty car, but a true sports car with two doors, two seats and a removable top. It has to be light, and lithe with a drivetrain […]

everything automotive

Lexus most reliable – again

February 14, 2019 Richard 0

Lexus has been named the most dependable car brand in America for the eighth straight year. Its parent company – Toyota – nailed down the runner-up spot. Porsche was named the most dependable single vehicle […]

winter tires

Atlantic Canadians use winter tires

February 10, 2019 Richard 0

Atlantic Canadian drivers are more prepared for winter driving than everybody in the country, outside Quebec. According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) we are among the most sophisticated drivers in the […]

Honda Insight

2019 Honda Insight review

February 8, 2019 Richard 0

The first Honda Insight was a small two-door, two-seater, with a “unique’ shape. It appeared as a 2000 model. The second came along in 2009 as a five-door, five-passenger hatchback on a unique platform, which […]

Ford F-150
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Winners and losers

February 6, 2019 Richard 0

The auto industry’s 2018 sales books are closed, and all the numbers are in. Using data from Automotive News Canada, let’s look at some winners, losers and observations. The Ford F-150 remained the best-selling vehicle […]

Better Driver

How to negotiate intersections

February 4, 2019 Richard 0

Intersections can be the most dangerous locations on any roadway. More collisions occur at intersections than at any other location. More cyclists and pedestrians are killed or injured at intersections than at any other point on […]

winter tough on vehicles
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Clear vehicle before getting underway

February 2, 2019 Richard 0

The recent rash of vehicle-pedestrian incidents highlights the need to properly clear a vehicle of ice and snow. All too often we notice drivers who can barely see out the windshield, because they have not […]