2019 Honda Insight review

Honda Insight
The 2019 Honda Insight is a conventional-looking five-door.

The first Honda Insight was a small two-door, two-seater, with a “unique’ shape. It appeared as a 2000 model. The second came along in 2009 as a five-door, five-passenger hatchback on a unique platform, which later housed the CR-Z. The third generation Insight is now on sale and it is a plain old four-door, five-passenger sedan. I say that in a positive sense. This latest Insight is indeed plain – in looks and in operation. Instead of crying out visually that it is a hybrid, it looks like a slightly more conventional, and to these eyes better-looking Civic. It also drives like one, and houses a similar amount of people and packages. Think of it as a Civic with better fuel mileage and more interior space..

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