2019 Ford Ranger review

Ford Ranger
Let’s address the elephant in the room right of the top. The only relationship between the 2019 Ford Ranger, and its immensely popular predecessor, is the name.

Atlantic Canadians were very fond of the Ford Ranger. Consumers, and dealers were upset when Ford decided to discontinue the popular small truck in 2012. Ford said it was due to sagging demand in the American market. Good news! The Ranger is back!

The mid-size pickup segment has more than doubled in the last six years. GM has introduced the Canyon & Colorado, joining the Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. Ford is not one to be left behind when it comes to pickups, so it reached out to its Australian subsidiary. It developed, and has been marketing a mid-size Ranger pickup for several years. To meet North American expectations, and standards, the Australian Ranger got a serious makeover.It has received a unique frame, suspension, drivetrain, and a host of segment exclusive technologies. 

Let’s address the elephant in the room right of the top. The 2019 Ranger is not a compact truck like the version that graced our roads from 1983 until 2012.

click here for my full review of the new Ranger as it appeared in The Halifax Herald and other Saltwire network newspapers. 


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