Mercedes E400 coupe
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Mercedes E400 coupe review

June 27, 2018 Richard 0

  The Mercedes E400 coupe wears the E-Class name, but shares little with its four-door sibling.  Mercedes has four two-door coupes on offer (C Coupe, E Coupe, S Coupe and GT Coupe), ranging in price […]

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Pickups fail IIHS headlight tests

June 20, 2018 Richard 0

IIHS headlight tests reveal the vast majority of pickup trucks have poor headlights. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says each of the small pickups it has tested, is only available with headlights with a […]

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IIHS headlight ratings rattle the auto industry

June 16, 2018 Richard 0

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has begun testing headlights and including those results in its overall safety ratings. The first group of vehicles to be tested were midsize cars. The results were pretty […]


Some headlights are not very bright

June 14, 2018 Richard 0

  As someone who drives hundreds of new vehicles every year, I am well aware of the disparity in headlight performances. Part of my normal test route involves unlit secondary or back roads. It only […]

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2018 Mazda6 review

June 11, 2018 Richard 0

  VERNON, BC – Mazda Canada President and CEO Massey Kondo calls it a major refresh. That is an understatement. The update is more than skin deep – a lot deeper! In addition to fresh […]


Kia Stinger review

June 9, 2018 Richard 0

The Kia Stinger does not have the lengthy history and racing success the performance cars from the German brands are built on. But, Kia does have the design, engineering and manufacturing prowess to go head-to-head […]

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Father’s Day gift idea

June 6, 2018 Richard 0

Looking for something for Father’s Day that won’t bankrupt you? How about an AutoGlym sample kit. For only $6.29 at Canadian Tire, you can gift wrap a small package that will help dad clean and […]