2017 Toyota 86 rweview

Toyota inherits Sporty Scion two-door

The two-door, rear-wheel-drive 86 sports car was born from a tryst between Toyota and Subaru. The name pays homage to the AE86, a performance version of the last rear-drive Corolla, introduced in 1983. The small, lightweight coupe or hatchback was powered by a twin-cam, fuel-injected, 1.6-litre engine and was popular in international Group A and Group N classes in circuit racing and for rallying. The 2017 Toyota 86 had a more complex beginning. Designed by Toyota, built by Subaru and developed by both, the series of sports cars is manufactured by Subaru in Japan with a Subaru flat-four or boxer engine up front, driving the rear wheels. It is sold globally by both companies, as the Subaru FRZ and the Toyota 86.


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