2017 Jeep Compass review

The heavily-revised new 2017 Jeep Compass is the real deal.

Jeep says the new 2017 Compass is not to be confused with the “old” 2017 Compass models left over in Jeep stores. That one is no longer in production and bears little in common with the “new” version sitting alongside. Time and attractive incentives should clear up the confusion and the inventory of “old” models. While confusing, this was necessary due to “international marketing considerations”. Jeeps are sold in 160 markets outside North America and sales passed the 1.4-million mark last year, the highest in the brand’s 75-year history. The goal is to each the two million mark by 2018 – with the new Compass playing a key role, especially in the majority of these markets where size counts – small that is.

Click here for my First Look at the 2017 Jeep Compass from deep in the heart of Texas.

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