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  • winter tough on vehicles
    Vehicles are not particularly fond of winter. The older they get, the deeper that dislike for the bitter cold. Being prepared could make the difference between a few unpleasant minutes of exposure, and a dangerous [...]
  • AutoGlym
    I ran across AutoGlym Magma by accident. I ran across a post by a friend on the west coast, bragging about its effectiveness. Due to my obsessive desire to try vehicle-cleaning products, I headed to [...]
  • A few weeks ago I told you about ArmorAll Wash Wipes, an effective and simple way to clean the paint on a vehicle. The second step in that process is usually to apply a coat [...]
  • wipes
      All who know me, are aware of my obsession with keeping vehicles clean. My wife complains that I try to restrict her from driving in the wet or on gravel roads. It should come [...]
  • If regular fuel is good, then premium fuel must be better – right? Not necessarily for most vehicles. Going to that more expensive stuff may provide no benefit at all. You won’t get more power, [...]
  • oil change
    Don’t hurry to change your oil Chemistry and technology have made huge advanced over the past couple of decades. This is especially true for engines. Manufacturing tolerances, and emission regulations are both tighter. Engines have [...]
  • 10 tips for safe driving 1 – Expect the unexpected Processing all the visual information around us on the road and prioritizing it, is the answer to safe driving. We must be able to ask [...]
  • brushes

    10 cleaning tips

    April 12, 2017 0
    Tips for 10 of the most difficult detailing or cleaning issues. Everybody who takes time to clean their vehicle on occasion has some favourite issues. If you’re a regular detail kind of person you know [...]
  • One of the easiest ways to make your favourite set of wheels look better, is to park it on a bright, shiny, clean garage floor. But before you rush off to your the paint store [...]
  • Now that winter is over, perhaps you’ve noticed some unpleasant smells inside your vehicle. Or you may notice your allergy symptoms on the rise. The smells may have been sneaking up on you over the [...]


  • Porsche cayenne
    Porsche launched the third-generation Cayenne in 2018 last year. Now it is adding S and Turbo versions in North America.Standing side-by-side with the older mode, the new Cayenne is more hunkered down. It is 25 [...]
  • Hyundai has brought a redesigned Santa Fe to the fight for 2019. The larger, and poorly-named, Santa Fe XL, will be replaced by the three-row Palisade this year as a 2020 model. The 2019 Hyundai [...]
  • Mustang Bullitt
    This one had me the second the engine came to life – that gorgeous and distinct sound of a barely muffled American V8. The sound track in this case, came from a specially modified set [...]
  • GMC Terrain
    GMC is using the 2019 Terrain Denali to gain a foothold in the growing mid-size luxury utility vehicle segment. It has positioned the Denali against established luxury brands like Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln and [...]
  • VW Atlas
    The Volkswagen Atlas is part of the plan to address the company’s shortcomings in North America. Volkswagen, marketed as a premium brand, has struggled to keep up the relentless onslaught of Asian products with their [...]
  • Kia Sorento
    The 2019 Kia Sorento has undergone a mid-cycle makeover. The appearance hasn’t changed much.But there are some significant upgrades to the drivetrain and additional features. As a result, the mid-size crossover continues to offer excellent [...]
  • Jaguar F-Type SVR
    The Jaguar F-Type is the spiritual successor to the legendary E-Type. In SVR guise it boasts 575-horsepower and the industry’s best-sounding exhaust system. I checked out the 12-speaker Meridian sound system in the parking lot, [...]
  • Toyota Yaris

    2018 Toyota Yaris review

    February 26, 2019 0
    The Hyundai Accent owns the small car category in Canada. It had a comfortable lead over the Toyota Yaris at the end of 2018. TheKia Rio, Nissan Versa, were in a tight race for third [...]
  • 2019 Lexus ES350

    2019 Lexus ES350 review

    February 22, 2019 0
    The Lexus ES has been around for almost 30 years. Ot was getting long in the tooth. The last major major change occurred in 2013 model. Lexus has given the ES350 a major makeover for [...]
  • Mazda MX-5

    2019 Mazda MX-5 GT review

    February 15, 2019 0
    There is something special about a sports car. Not a sporty car, but a true sports car with two doors, two seats and a removable top. It has to be light, and lithe with a drivetrain [...]

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  • Porsche
    Porsche owners love not only their vehicle, but their dealer. A few weeks ago J D Power declared Porsche the most reliable vehicle on the road following its 30th annual Vehicle Dependability Study. Now comes [...]
  • No Picture
    What do belts, boots and recycling have in common? Your first guess may have something to do with getting rid of old clothing. The answer we were looking for is winter driving and what you [...]
  • Up to 80 per cent of crashes can be eliminated, or reduced in severity if drivers had one additional second of warning. Awareness results from paying attention, communication and vision. Communication is by definition an [...]
  • No Picture
    One of the tricky tasks facing drivers in winter occurs when we try to get out of the ruts or trails left by preceding vehicles. This often involves thick, heavy and wet slush. Getting safely [...]
  • winter tires
    Dealers are not trying to rip you off. The modern generation of winter tires are most effective when installed in sets of four. Read why here as it appeared in the Halifax Herald and other [...]
  • Kia Sorento
    SUVs are classified as a truck. It is wise to keep that in mind when driving one in winter conditions. Sport Utility Vehicles, or Crossovers as they are known, have taken over the market. As a [...]
  • Lexus
    Lexus has been named the most dependable car brand in America for the eighth straight year. Its parent company – Toyota – nailed down the runner-up spot. Porsche was named the most dependable single vehicle [...]
  • winter tires
    Atlantic Canadian drivers are more prepared for winter driving than everybody in the country, outside Quebec. According to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) we are among the most sophisticated drivers in the [...]
  • Ford F-150

    Winners and losers

    February 6, 2019 0
    The auto industry’s 2018 sales books are closed, and all the numbers are in. Using data from Automotive News Canada, let’s look at some winners, losers and observations. The Ford F-150 remained the best-selling vehicle [...]
  • intersections
    Intersections can be the most dangerous locations on any roadway. More collisions occur at intersections than at any other location. More cyclists and pedestrians are killed or injured at intersections than at any other point on [...]