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Oil changed too often?

April 18, 2017 Richard 0

Don’t hurry to change your oil

oil often changed too frequently

Chemistry and technology have made huge changes in the …

Better Driver

10 tips for safe driving

April 16, 2017 Richard 0

10 tips for safe driving

1 – Expect the unexpected

Processing all the visual information around us on the road …

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10 cleaning tips

April 12, 2017 Richard 0
cleaning tips
Do you have everything you need to properly clean your car?

Tips for 10 of the most difficult detailing or …

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How old are your tires?

April 11, 2017 Richard 0



Code on sidewall tells how old they are
There is a code on the sidewall of your tires that tells the date of manufacture.

Like everything …

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Smells and allergies

April 5, 2017 Richard 0
You can avoid smells, or remove the source.

Now that winter is over, perhaps you’ve noticed some unpleasant smells inside …