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How good are your headlights

June 15, 2017 Richard 0

It has been my great pleasure, and job, to drive hundreds of new vehicles every year for more than three decades. I have watched as manufacturers embraced new technologies. They have not only coped with […]

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The 2017 Subaru Impreza is impressive

June 9, 2017 Richard 0

The Impreza is the best-selling Subaru. Sales of the all-new 2017 version are up 33 per cent, while the compact segment in which it competes is down one per cent overall. Click here for my review […]

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The smallest Buick utility vehicle

May 6, 2017 Richard 0

Buick set out years ago, to earn respect for what it called quiet tuning. Those efforts, which include everything from a stiff chassis and acoustic glass, to the use of strategically placed foam and liquid […]