Canadian and American car sales going in opposite directions

Canadian sales remain brisk

The Ford F150 continues to be the most popular vehicle in the country - car or truck. The Honda Civic retains its perennial position as the best selling car. Positioned between the XL and XLT models, STX adds a stylish exterior and many interior features that aren’t normally available on the entry level F-150

Canadians purchased a total of 181,834 new vehicles in July. Light trucks, which includes minivans and utility vehicles, accounted for 123,693 of them with cars continuing to trail at 58,231.

South of the border, the traditional “Big Three” (FCA, Ford & GM) as well as Honda has a miserable month. This marks the fifth straight month where US sales have slumped, while Canadian sales have climbed during the same period.

Despite a drop in sales for the month, compared to last year, Ford took top spot among Canadian manufacturers for the month of July. Blue Oval dealers moved 27,669 vehicles during the month, down7% from last year. But sales remain 5% ahead of last year for the first seven months of 2017.

General Motors had a great month with July sales of 25,852 being 22% more than last year. For the first seven months of 2017, GM sales are up 16%. FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) sales were down 2% in July to 23,467. It was a good month for Jeep, the best in its 75-year history, but that was not enough to overcome the year-to-date decline, which is now at 16%.

Toyota had a good month with sales of 18,961 being 4% more than last year and sales to date in 2017 up 1%. Honda sales of 16,843 for July marked a 11% increase bringing year-to-date numbers up 12%. Hyundai was down 14% in July with sales of 12,498 and is off 9% for the year.

Nissan and Infiniti combined are up 15% so far this year and Volkswagen a whopping 38%. Of course that is compared to the dismal numbers recorded last year as the diesel scandal ripened. VW is up 3% to date in 2017. Kia (7,506) was up 15% in July and is ahead by 3% for the year. Mazda rounds out the Top Ten at 6,600 for July, up 11.5% for the month and 7% to date in 2017.

The rest of the pack in order of July sales:

  • Subaru, 4,454 +6%, +10% to date.
  • Mercedes, 4,333 up 10% for the month, 10% to date.
  • Audi, 3,179, up 30% for month, 2% to date.
  • BMW, 2,953, down 2% for month, up 2% to date.
  • Mitsubishi, 2,078, +30%, +2% to date.
  • Jaguar, Land Rover, 1,107 best July for both.
  • Acura, 1,701 up 3% for month, 1% to date.
  • Infiniti 981 up 8% for month, 1% to date.
  • Porsche, 770, 67th, consecutive record month.




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