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Spring Cleaning

March 28, 2017 Richard 0


I drive more than 100 new cars a year and being a bit OCD, end up cleaning most of …

Better Driver

Contact Patch

March 25, 2017 Richard 0

Wheeled vehicles get their grip or traction or grip from that point where the tires touch the road. Whether there …

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Fogged Up Windows

March 25, 2017 Richard 0


How to deal with fog on the inside of your windshield

Most motorists know to use the defrost position …

Tips & Tricks

An ideal garage

March 24, 2017 Richard 0

For many true car nuts the garage is more important than the house. Sure, you need a place to cook …


Big wheels a big deal

March 24, 2017 Richard 0

Big wheels

Wheels are the cosmetic jewelry of the auto industry. From the time a designer sketches a proposal for …


2017 Audi Q3

March 24, 2017 Richard 0

The 2017 Audi Q3 is the company’s entry level utility vehicle, bringing the company’s design prowess to the small luxury